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Welcome to my website. I am a landscape and nature photographer concentrating primarily on my native state of West Virginia. Through my photography I hope to reveal the beauty of West Virginia, an often misunderstood and under-appreciated land, as well as that of other glorious parts of God's creation.

Geographically, most of my work has been done in West Virginia which is beautiful, and  provides endless opportunities for an outdoor photographer to practice his or her craft.

I was inspired to pursue photography by the photography of the late Arnout "Sonny" Hyde, Jr., the founder and long-time photographer and editor of Wonderful West Virginia, the state magazine of West Virginia. I did not know that one day he would serve as a mentor and source of encouragement as I developed my own photographic style. I am deeply indebted to him as are many of my fellow West Virginia photographers. I am primarily self-taught through avid reading and the study of the work of other photographers that I admire. Other photographers who have been helpful or influenced me include Steve Shaluta, John Shaw, John Netherton, Clayton Spangler, and David Muench.

My pursuit of memorable images has increased my appreciation of our natural world and has taken me places I would not otherwise have visited. I have seemingly traveled nearly every country road in West Virginia, stood on its hills and mountains, and hiked through its rich woods and along its streams.

I live with my wife, Barbara, in my hometown of Paden City, WV, a small town on the banks of the Ohio River. We are the parents of Adrian, an architect, and Corey, a CPA, who both live in Pittsburgh, PA.

My photography has been used in magazines, calendars, print and online advertisements, television commercials, billboards, and various other publications. Private and corporate customers have also purchased my photos to decorate their homes and businesses. Professional Credits My photography has been used in magazines, calendars, print and online advertisements, television commercials, billboards, and various other publications. I have also been successful in selling images for use as personal and corporate décor.

Among my credits are several magazine and calendar covers, as well as an exclusive calendar of my photography. Since 1986, my images have appeared in over ninety issues of Wonderful West Virginia, including twenty  covers. Included among my other credits are:

The Appalachians: Americas First and Last Frontier


Blue Ridge Country

BrownTrout Calendars

Comda Calendars

The Conservation Fund

Reiman Publications


West Virginia; Mountain Majesty

Golf Styles Ohio

Golf Styles Washington

Southern Farm & Ranch

Teldon Calendars

Scenes of West Virginia

Catholic Charities USA

Farm Aid: A Song for America

A Guide to American States: West Virginia

West Virginia - Reaching New Heights

Greenbrier Valley Quarterly

◾West Virginia Living

WVU Athletic Publications

Roll Out the Carpet: 101 Years of West Virginia University Basketball

Corporate and home wall décor

Advertising and Promotional Uses including magazines, billboards, and television

Photo Ethics

Before 2005 I recorded images on 35mm slide film, primarily Fuji Velvia and Provia. Images from that period that appear on this website have been scanned to produce digital files. Since May 2005 I have used Canon digital cameras to capture RAW image files. I process those files using Photoshop, Lightroom and occasionally other software programs. I strive to reproduce the scene as I remember it within the bounds of realism. I occasionally remove an object (such as a tree limb protruding into the edge of the frame), but do not add elements (clouds, rainbows, etc.) to any image. Since camera image sensors, like film, cannot record the full dynamic range (dark to light) that our human eyes can, I sometimes combine exposures of a scene to lighten shadow areas so that the scene appears closer to what we see with our eyes.

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